This is an ELPA repository

To use add it to your list of ELPA repositories in your .emacs file:

    (setq package-archives '(("ELPA" . "") 
                             ("gnu"  . "")
                             ("SC"   . "")))
and do: M-x package-list-packages [RET] in Emacs.

You need a fairly recent version of Emacs with support for multiple ELPA repositories for this to work correctly. If you're using Emacs 23 or older you may do this instead:

Unfortunately the version of package.el you obtain by following the procedure described at is older than the one distributed with the latest Emacs sources, and it does not allow to use more than one repository at a time (by default the one at It doesn't even define the package-archives variable. What you can do instead is the following:

  1. Close (C-x k) any *Packages* buffer you may have open (just in case),
  2. press S-M-: (or Alt-Shift-: if you prefer),
  3. type in the following (parentheses are important):
           (setq package-archive-base "")
    and press Return,
  4. do M-x package-list-packages, as usual — you should see now the contents of the Sunrise Commander ELPA repository,
  5. install the packages you're interested in,
  6. Press again S-M-: and type in:
           (setq package-archive-base "")
    and press Return to restore the variable to its original value.

Or you can simply download Sunrise and any extensions you want to use and install them manually with M-x package-install-file.